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Research Projects

AFES-PRESS board members conduct their own research projects at their respective academic institutions where they are employed. AFES-PRESS conducted several research projects of its own funded by outside sources:

  • UNESCO (1987): Survey of the disarmament policy in all its aspects: Publication;

  • Rowntree Trusteeship (1986): ABM Treaty project;

  • Bureau of Technology Assessment of the Bundestag (TAB);

  • Expert Study for the EU Institute of Prospective Technology Studies (IPTS), Seville;

  • Expert Study for Dr. Rolf Linkohr, Member of the European Parliament; 
  • Expert Study on Climate Policy of Threshold States for the Federal Office of the Environment (Umweltbundesamt).

  • Expert Studies on Climate Policy of Threshold States, on Energy and Environment in the Czech Republic, Liberalisation of the Electricity and Gas Markets in the EU (Federal Environment Agency).

  • Expert Studies and Consulting for the Federal Ministry on the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) on Climate Change and Conflicts and on Use of International Environmental Cooperation for International Environment Cooperation and Disaster Reduction.

  • Lectures and brief Studies for the European Commission [], for EURISY and for the Provention Consortium at the World Bank.

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