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No agreement exists on the definition of the Mediterranean space. Geographic, political, strategic, economic, environmental and cultural definitions differ.

The region of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership refers to the 26 countries and to the Palestinian Authority that are presently participating in the Barcelona process. This page will be gradually extended and the goal is to contribute to scientific bridge-building across the Mediterranean. It contains more than 7000 links that have been obtained from search machines and from suggestions by our readers.

Please send your suggestions to AFES-PRESS. If your organisation would like to be listed please send an Email here. Only the links of Section 1 have been implemented at this stage. The other links have to be copied into your browser.

This extensive link and document page distinguishes among these categories:

1. Websites on the Euro-Mediterranean area with extensive link pages

2. Countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region

3. Nongovernmental Organisations in the Euro-Mediterranean region
3.1 Envrionmental Nongovernmental Organisations (under prepar.)
3.2 Human Rights Nongovernmental Organisations

4. Scientific Institutes, Libraries and Associations

5. Economic Organisations and Institutions

6. Cultural Organisations

7. Conflicts, Conflict Resolution, Conflict Prevention and Avoidance

8. Important Environmental Challenges Confronting the Mediterranean Region in the 21st Century
8.1. Environment and Security: Environmental Security
8.2 Population Trends and the Mediterranean region
8.3 Climate Change and the Mediterranean region
8.4 Desertification
8.5 Water Scarcity and Water Management
8.6 Food Production and Food Scarcity
8.7 Urbanisation and Pollution

9. Media and other Relevant Euro-Mediterranean Links

10. Border Regions of the Mediterranean (under consideration)
10.1 The Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa
10.2 The Red Sea and the Arab/Persian Gulf including Iran
10.3 The Black Sea, the Caucasus and Central Asia
10.4 The Balkans (South-Eastern Europe)

This pages is under consideration and may be developed later. Suggestions and links should be sent to AFES-PRESS.


In a verdict of 12 May 1998, the Hamburg Regional Court (Landgericht) ruled that a website owner may be liable for the content of any linked third-party website. The Court held that only by explicitly dissociating a website from the content of any linked sites can the owner avoid such a liability.

AFES-PRESS herewith explicitly states that it had no influence on the design and content of the linked websites, and it also dissociates itself from the content of all linked websites. The inclusion of a link to a third-party website does not imply any endorsement of its content. Thus, AFES-PRESS avoids and rejects any potential future compensation claim.

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