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2nd GMOSS workshop (WP 21.000)
organised by AFES-PRESS at the

20th IPRA Conference in SOPRON (Hungary), 5-9 July 2004

Tuesday, 6 July

Session 1: Tuesday, 6 July 2004 14:00 - 15:30

Water and Security [EU Network of Excellence GMOSS]
Joint Session of the Commissions on Environment, Security and Global Political Economy

Chair: Czeslaw Mesjasz (Poland), co-editor of the book on Reconceptualising Security [GMOSS]

Introduction: Hans Günter Brauch (Germany): Global Monitoring for Stability & Security (GMOSS) - Contributing to GMES [GMOSS, book lead editor]

Paper 1: Annabelle Houdret (Germany), Free University of Berlin & Paris VIII: Water scarcity and conflict - a matter of institutional sustainability [GMOSS, book contributor].

Paper 2: Fabien Nathan (France), Graduate Institute of Development Studies (IUED) and NCCR-NS/IP8, Geneva: Urban water-related risks as a growing concern for security [GMOSS, book contributor].

Paper 3: Mara Tignino (Italy), Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva: The legal response to the world's water crisis [GMOSS, book contributor].

Paper 4: Ursula Oswald (Mexico), National University, Mexico: Water and its security in semi-arid environment [book co-editor].

Discussant: Hans Günter Brauch [GMOSS, lead editor of the book on reconceptualising security]

Session 2: Tuesday, 6 July 2004 16:00 - 17:30

Survival Dilemma, Economic Security and Alternative Security Strategies [EU Network of Excellence GMOSS] Joint Session of the Commissions on Environment, Security and Disarmament and Global Political Economy

Chairs: Wayne Reynolds (Australia), chair of the Security Commission

Introduction: Hans Günter Brauch (Germany): From Sussex (1986) to Sopron (2004): 18 years of the Security and Disarmament Commission - Towards new goals [GMOSS, book lead editor]

Paper 5: Hans Guenter Brauch (Germany): From a Hobbessian Security to a Grotian Survival Dilemma [GMOSS, book lead editor]

Paper 6: Czeslaw Mesjasz (Poland): Economic Security [GMOSS, book co-editor].

Paper 7: John Garofano (USA): Alternative Security Strategies [USNWC, book contributor]

Discussants: Ursula Oswald (Mexico), co-chair of the Environment Commission and book-coeditor; Caroline Higgins (USA), Political Economy Commission

Friday, 9 July 2004

Plenary, Ecology and Peace

CHAIR: Ursula Oswald, Mexico


Vandana Shiva, India: Topic to be announced later

Jean Kamau, Kenya: Topic to be announced later

Hans Guenter Brauch, Germany: Global Environmental and Climate Change and Conflicts: Towards a Peace Research Agenda for Environmental Conflict Avoidance in the 21st Century

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