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Aims and Tasks

AFES-PRESS is a non-profit international scientific society under German law which is located in Mosbach, Germany.

  • AFES-PRESS members represent several scientific disciplines and come from different European countries.
  • AFES-PRESS aims at research focusing both on the short-term security policy problems of Europe and on the long-term goals of a European peace order.
  • Peace Research aims at scientific contributions for the realisation of the long-term goal of a peace that is more than the absence of war.
  • Security policy aims at the protection of societal achievements, of democratic goals and of cultural values.

In this respect AFES-PRESS undertakes the following activities:

  • Organisation of international scientific conferences;
  • Conduct of scientific research projects in the areas of international relations, security and environment policy;
  • Support for young scientists (by publishing their first scientific studies);
  • Support for international scientific cooperation;
  • Support for co-operation among peoples.

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